Schools in Spain

Looking for graduate schools in Spain? Spain has some of the best schools in the world. Spain is considered one of the countries of the European Union that receives more foreign students every year. The current student population in Spain has a wide cultural diversity; both speakers of Spanish and of other languages in this country enjoy the high level offered by the Spanish education system.

The university level is extremely advantageous, since each Spanish community is autonomous and responsible for their own educational structure, they take care of their maintenance, general administration, scholarships, etc. Those are important factors that denote the strength and quality of organization of the Spanish educational system.

Here we want to present you with some information about some schools in Spain for business, law and medical careers.

Law Schools in Spain

Laws are rules that govern many of the acts in society. Law schools provide students with the knowledge of the various branches of: constitutional law, labor law, tax law, criminal law, etc. Universities’ law schools in Spain offer high quality education to students who want to pursue a career in Law. Madrid has the major number of them. Importance of typing speed in law school: Being able to type a lot of words on an exam is very important. For many people Spanish typing speed is the single most important factor to getting a good grade on a law exam. Here are some of the most well-known schools:

ESADE Law School

It is based on the ESADE campus in Barcelona (it has offshoots in Madrid and Buenos Aires). It is one of the best schools to take a master’s degree in law which is focused in international business law, tax, etc. ESADE is one of the founders of the Centre for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS),  an educational center established in London, which is integrated by the best 10 law faculties around the world. All its programs have an innovate methodology focused in the development of students’ skills. Law firms consider this school as a prestigious one.

IE Law School

It is based in Madrid. It offers bachelor’s degrees in law (Spanish and English) that provide knowledge on law in its social and economic context. This school with 35 years of experience in training future law professionals has also a partnership with Northwestern University (USA).

Medical Schools in Spain

Spain has around 25 medical schools. Medical studies in this country consist of two cycles: the “pre-clinical cycle” that consists of lectures along with laboratory practices and the “clinical cycle” that consists of lectures along with in-hospital clinical practices. Here we provide you with information of just two of the great medical schools in this country:

Complutense University of Madrid

The first two years are focused in the students’ development of pre-clinical abilities, where they learn to identify the different organs and sytemsof the human body that help them to begin to identify some functional and structured anomalies. Additional two years are focused in the students’ development of clinical abilities, where they get skills to make a diagnosis and give advice of an adequate treatment. Students get clinical abilities through practice and observation. They are also incorporated in hospitals to make their internships.

University of Navarra

This private university hosts one of the best schools of Medicine in Spain, where students receive a world-class bilingual education (Spanish-English) . It is focused in the practical formation in basic and clinical Medicine. It allows students to participate in the program of Campus Interns that allow students become familiar with the work of the attention of patients. There is a commission that guarantees the quality of the faculty, that is in charge of the planning of the SGIC (Internal System of Guarantee of the Quality).

Business Schools in Spain

Spain is a country that hosts a number of high ranking accredited and prestigious business schools, including business schools that teach in English and offer graduate MBA programs. Here we provide you with a list of some business schools in various parts of Spain.

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona

Global Business School in Barcelona is located on the bustling Aragon street, in a contemporary building with modern classrooms and advanced technologies, designed to support students’ higher learning. e Master in Business Administration (MBA) at GBSB Global Business School is a transformational program that inspires students to grow both personally and professionally. It is one of the most pioneering MBA programs in Spain which aims to change the very concept of business education and prepares responsible, innovative and truly global business leaders.

Schellhammer Business School

Schellhammer Business School is a British accredited University located in the south of Spain and the first to offer English-taught programs. Founded in 2009, Schellhammer Business School offers a pioneering MBA program as well as Master programs in Psychology, Hospitality, Humanities and Leadership.

EU Business School

In Barcelona you can find the EU Business School (former European University) that offers a variety of Master programs with specializations in business administration, communication, tourism management, international business, marketing, finance, digital business and entrepreneurship, among others.

The previous information about graduate schools in Spain is just a sample of the many high-quality schools that you can find in Spain. If you want to study other career different than Law or Medicine we advise you that you will find the best universities and schools in Spain according to your needs and expectations.