Almeria Travel Guide

Almeria is located in southern Andalucia, and it is one of the few cities where you can distinguish the limits between a Spanish city, and its Moorish heritage.

When the Moorish people where in Almeria, they called it Al-Mariya, they consideredit the second most important city after Alhambra. The Moorish builta magnificent construction called “the fortress of the Alcazaba” that nowadays is the main attraction of the city. But the city attractions do not end with the Alcazaba, this touristic city has a lot of places to visit such as: the wonderful and clean beaches, and the amazing formations near them that form caves. Be careful though, you must know what kind of beach you are visiting, since some of them are nudist.

The city is also recognized for being the stage of western movies, as its hot and dry weather makes for a magnificent place for vacations.

Almeria Statistics

 City area 295 km2 (113.9 sq mi)
 Elevation 23 m (76 ft)
 Population Province: 546,499 hab. (2002)
City: 181,702 hab. (2005)
 Density 615.9/km2 (1,595.3/sq mi)

Almeria Transport

Getting to Almeria By Air:

You can reach Almeria by air; the city has one of the three most important airports in Andalucía, after Malaga and Seville. The airport is small but it is very clean and receives an important amount of visitors from Spain and from other countries. The distance between the city center and the local airport of Almeria is almost of 8 km, and there is a bus to get there every 30 to 45 minutes.

Getting to Almeria By Sea:

Another way to get to Almeria is by boat, but you can only take the boats in the following cities: MelillaAlgeria and Morocco.

Getting to Almeria By Car:

You can also go to Almeria by car; the roads of the country are in perfect conditions and by taking the road N-324 that connects Granada and Almeria you will reach the city. Bus services are not expensive, they are very regular, and they are 10 times less expensive than taxis. Another option to consider is to travel by train; there are good offers for foreigners and they provide a punctual and ordered service.

Getting to Almeria By Train

R.E.N.F.E. offers its passengers a diverse range of products and services which make the trip by train to Almeria more accessible.

Almeria History

The history of Almeria starts long before the Moorish occupation of the region. The city has kept traces of cultures such as Phoenicians, Romans, Tartessos and Visigoths. All these cultures were draw to this strategic location and natural beauty.

While the region of Almeria was occupied by the Moors, caliph Abdar-Rahmanof Córdoba built and founded the Alcazaba of Almeria, these spectacular building was the second largest fortress among the ones in Andalucía, only after Alhambra. Alcazaba has also other important edifications of that time: the Segundo Recinto, and the Ermita de San Juan chapel that was originally a mosque converted by the catholic monarchs.

The city was an important port in the caliphate of Cordoba; Almeria still raises its economic status because of the trade of textile.

During the 16th century, an earthquake hit the city yet the reconstruction of Almeria did not occur until 18th century.

Eating in Almeria

Eating in Almeria is a nice experience, since it is a part of Spain and particularly because it is located in Andalucía.

Everybody knows about the quality and variety of the food in Spain. Almeria’s cuisine specially, has an excellent flavor, influenced greatly by its location, since Almeria is a port; the main ingredientsare made of seafood.

Dishes like:

  • Gurullos. – A kind of dough used in many Spanish dishes.
  • Broth colorao. -It is a fish soup.
  • Moruna soup. -It is a traditional soup of Almeria that shows its morocco influence.
  • Black soup.- An ancient soup of the region, prepared with pork meat.The color is because of the addition of blood and wine.
  • Sufli frit. – It is an exotic dish of the region known by its secret recipe.

However, like in all the region of Spain, Almeria prefers “Tapas”.

If you are looking for a place to hang out and enjoy the typical food in Almeria, it is recommended that you go to the restaurants and bars around the Puerta de Purchena in the end of Paseo de Almeria St. There are also cafés and bars in the area where you can relax and enjoy a pleasant trip.

Shopping in Almeria

Almeria as a part of the kingdom of Granada, was one of the main cities in Spain.It was also recognized as an Artisans town,nowadays, the city of Almeria has become an important reference when it comes to any craft work.

Handmade art fills the streets of Almeria, between pottery, textiles, basketmaking and carpentry. The techniques of pottery used back in the days where Almeria was the second most important city in Spain is still used now, which is why pottery is so popular in Almeria.

The works made in wood and wool are known to be of very good quality, but if you do not desire to buy the traditional souvenirs, you can always go to the local malls. One of them is Mediterraneo Centre ,which has a food court, underground parking lot, coffees and supermarkets.

You will love Almeria and its attractions. Walk through the city and enjoy all that Almeria offers you.

Maps of Almeria

It is a city in southeastern Spain, located in the autonomous community of Andalucía, province of the same name which is the capital. Its total area is 295 km2 (113.9 sq mi). Almeria is surrounded on the west by “Sierra de Gador”, “Sierra Allhamilla” on the north, “The Valley of Andarax” and “Sierra de Cabo de Gata” on the east and The Mediterranean Sea on the south.

Almeria population centers are: El Alquián, El Bobar, Cabo de Gata, La Cañada de San Urbano, Castell del Rey, Costacabana, Cuevas de los Medinas, Cuevas de los Úbedas, La Garrofa, Loma Cabrera, El Mamí, Mazarrulleque, Rambla de Morales, Retamar, Pujaire, Ruescas y Venta Gaspar.

Weather in Almeria

The weather in Almeria is Mediterranean, and it varies depending on where you are. The climate in Almeria is semi-arid; this and its marvelous landscapes are why Almeria is frequently chosen as a stage in many western movies.

Almeria has an average temperature that varies from 10 to 25 Celsius degrees. In winter the lower temperature is of 10 degrees and in summer the higher temperature reaches the 25 degrees. These temperatures make easy to visit the city the entire year without any problem with the weather.

Almeria Photos

Almeria is a nice place; the landscape of this magnificent city lets you capture excellent photos. You can take many kinds of pictures, from city views to monuments, churches, streets, attractions, etc.

There is a large amount of renowned pictures taken in Almeria, you can use the format as an example for your photos or you can find new sceneries that let you enjoy the views of this fantastic town.

Hotels in Almeria

The second most important activity in Almeria is tourism, so in order to provide a good and helpful service, citizens and private investments have built amazing hotels.

There are many quality hotels in the area, but it’s better to make a reservation in advance to avoid lack of vacancies when you arrive to the city.

Once you are in the city, you are going to realize that Almeria is a wonderful place to visit, the climate is not too hot or cold, and the service is wonderful.