Spain is a beautiful country, with an interesting history and an awesome culture that was influenced by the catholic religion, It is located on the southwest of Europe. This country has, as its most important cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla.

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Spain is one of the largest countries in Europe with an approximate area of 504,750 square kilometers; It is bordered by the Bay of Biscay, Andorra and France on the north, by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea on the south, by the Mediterranean Sea on the east, and by the Atlantic Ocean and Portugal on the west. And it is characterized by a varied climate that depends on the location; the capital of this country is Madrid, which is also the main economic center. The local coin is the Euro.

Spanish Culture and Traditions

Spain is widely known for its several and varied customs such as: Flamenco, bullfights, festivals, crowded beaches, beautiful constructions and the culture that represents the development of the human being in this part of the world. However, Spain is much more than that; this blessed territory hosts many stunning places made by the nature itself, beaches, emerald green mountains, islands, and landscapes.

Spain offers a big number of tourist attractions; it is the second touristic country in Europe, at the moment UNESCO has recognized 43 touristic places trough all the country as cultural heritage of humanity. Madrid is a modern city that contrasts with its beautiful ancient churches; Barcelona is the second largest city, and is characterized by being a cosmopolitan city with a unique lifestyle, which can be considered as one of its main attractions.

On the other hand you’ll see the creativity and inventiveness of men in the vast number of constructions made in time; chapels, basilicas, bridges, towers and more highlights scattered across the country. A well-organized trip must include the major attractions of the country and many activities to spend time of quality in this wonderful destination. All the information you need, you’ll find it all here.

It’s the country with the largest number of World Heritage Cities: Avila, Caceres, Cordoba, Cuenca, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Segovia and Toledo, each one of them has its own attractions and highlights and a great tourism promotion.

Spanish cuisine is well known in the entire world; the Spanish gastronomy is one of the most delicious and varied of Europe, its dishes are prepared based in different types of meats, Nowadays the Spanish food is considered as one of the main attractions, as well as an important economic activity in this country. Unlike other European countries, Spain keeps its customs and traditions, this is demonstrated in festivals, artistic expressions and traditions that are unique around the world, due to the wide variety of ethnic groups that settled this country.

Spanish Culture is well-represented by its friendly people, the language, its tasty cuisine, fun nightlife, folklore and festivities, all these were influenced by many cultures, specially the Roman and Arab traditions. You’ll find detailed information on culture, education and arts of Spain in this travel guide.

Whatever your motivation to visit Spain is, it’s for sure that this unique destination will satisfy all your expectations and will make your experience an intriguing mix of the Old World´s charm and modern groove.

Enjoying the Spanish Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Spain is very diverse sometimes is stressful, it depends about the season and the festivities, For this reason is very important being informed about the customs before traveling from this country, we recommended check out the most important days from this country and review the calendar activities, and take account of the season of the year.

Top Destinations in Spain