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Transports in Valencia

A large number of international events take place in Valencia every year and people from different parts of the world gather together in this magnificent Spanish city in order to visit the principal tourist attractions or to attend determined events. Valencia is considered as the third most important city in Spain after Madrid or Barcelona. As an important city, Valencia has a good urban transportation system that reflects the development of the country.

In the city, Visitors can find two principal airports, three maritime terminals and many important highways such as the AP-7, A-3, A-23 and the A-31. The AP-7 is considered the main motorway in Valencia because it connects the North and the South of the city and provides easy access to Catalonia and France. Nevertheless, Valencia has other interesting transportation systems in the city include the following:

The Metro

The Metro of Valencia is very comfortable, cheap, modern and really easy to use. Visitors are allowed to download the Metro map from the web page of Valencia so then they can plan a trip where no one can get lost. There are three lines that link the city center with the residential suburbs:
  • First Line. This line connects the city with the suburbs areas of Rafelbunyol, Liria and Bétera.
  • Second Line. This line runs from Bailen to Nazareth.
  • Third Line. This line is the most important because it connects the city with the principal airport.
The metro is available everyday from 5.00 am until midnight. The fee is very cheap (1.25€) and people can use it for multiple journeys. The closest station near the city center is called Pont de Fusta.

The buses

Valencia has many public buses in the entire city providing services from 06.30 to 22.30. The most important one is the EMT (Empresa Municipal de Transportes). The EMT service is quite affordable and comfortable. The majority of them have TV screens that provide basic information about the routes, weather and news of the city. The drivers are friendly and very helpful especially with foreign people. Tourists can find 91 line buses by day and 7 by night.

The taxis in Valencia

Taking a taxi in Valencia is one of the most common activities for many citizens. The service is not expensive and they are really easy to find in the entire city. Here is a list of the most important taxi companies in Valencia.

  • Phone: 639 61 66 66

  • Phone: 963 703 333

  • Phone: 96 3959 560

  • Phone: 96 3475 252

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