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Spanish in Valencia

The competitive international labor market is requiring professionals with additional skills. Plenty of professionals are studying languages in order to get good opportunities abroad. Nowadays, the Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world, after English and Chinese Mandarin. Even though, there are plenty of language schools around the world, the better way to learn a language is by interacting with native speakers. For instance, learning Spanish in Spain can be a stupendous idea.

Valencia is a perfect city to learn Spanish because the city has interesting characteristics such as friendly people, exquisite local cuisine and amazing Mediterranean landscapes. In fact, Valencia is the third most important town in Spain and one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the Iberia Peninsula. In addition, the city is an industrial, cultural and business center for many international trade fairs.

Other good reasons to learn Spanish in Valencia:

About the city

Valencia is a charming city located in the Eastern side of Spain and the population is about 900,000 inhabitants. The city was a capital of the Old kingdom of Valencia in ancient times. There are plenty of festivals in the city where foreigners can see the traditions and customs of the local people. There is also a modern airport in Valencia.

Cultural and recreational reasons

The nightlife in Valencia is one of the most actives in Spain. People from Valencia love parties and enjoy sharing it with others. The most important festival in the city is the Fallas (12-19 March). In addition, foreigners can find many interesting bars and nightclubs with exceptional music.

Valencia, as any other city in the historical Spain has a large number of Museums, buildings and stunning monuments throughout the city. As an example we can mention the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria and the Cathedral.

Valencia has beautiful beaches that combine perfectly with the fantastic climate and the sea breeze. In fact, living in this part of the city is quite expensive. However, everybody can enjoy the beaches. Valencia has also a huge historical background. Visitors can find remains of many ancient civilizations such as the Iberians, the Romans, the Phoenicians and the Greeks.

The Spanish schools in Valencia

Valencia is the perfect place to learn Spanish because it has many interesting advantages such as its rich historical culture, its geography, its pleasant weather and its exquisite cuisine. Taking a course in Valencia can be a memorable experience. The majority of language schools in Valencia provide a solid education with many extracurricular activities in order to teach the language properly.

There are several Language schools in Valencia that have a good teaching environment. Each language school is well-equipped with modern resources such as internet and video rooms. Plenty people from different parts of the world visit Valencia to learn Spanish.

Finally, Valencia is a good place to learn Spanish because the classes are really interactive and the teachers are really exigent-their teaching methods are usually successful.

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