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Nightlife in Valencia

The leisure supply that offers the Valencian nightlife is considered one of the most exciting and complete of Spain. The narrow streets of the "Barrio del Carmen" and around the street "Caballeros" are the places where you can find all the action.

The night entertainment in Valencia starts at 23:00. The most visited discotheques are in the zone called "Viveros" but, the fun also can be found in places such as Aragón avenue, Canovas square , Blasco Ibáñez avenue, Honduras square, Xúquer square and Juan Llorens. Going out at night in Valencia also it implies visiting the bars that are situated in the historical center of the city around the "Plaza de la Virgen".

If you go to Valencia in the summer, you must go to the beach and have fun, here you'll find a lot of bars and restaurants, some of them are very antique and are decorated in a very simple and luminous manner, most of them have balconies from which you can watch the sea, these restaurants offer traditional sea food.

Nightlife in El Carmne

There is no other district here where you will find a punk bar, a reggae smoking den, a retro chill-out lounge, a jazz basement, an underground trance mix, an intelligencia meeting point, a goth dungeon, a gay bar, latino tunes, caribbean heat and a twisted bohemian art-cave, all within a short walk of each other.

Some clubs
  • RadioCity (Disco bar) - C/ Santa Teresa 19

  • Club 47 (Elektro pub) - C/ Quart, 47

  • Venial (Disco gay) - C/ Quart, 26

  • ChillOut* (Chillout bar) - C/ Baja nº 20

  • Johny Maracas (Latino Disco-Bar) - C/ Caballeros, 39

  • ADN (Gay pub) - C/ Angel Custodio, 10

Other Clubs and discos around Valencia

There are guite a few decent night-clubs in the nightlife areas within Valencia, where you can party in style until dawn. While there are some big night-clubs like Las Dockas and La Indiana, the majority are quite small. If you are after a full-on, monstrous club night you may opt for a short taxi trip to the outskirts / countryside of Valencia, where some of the legends of Valencian nightlife are located. That includes the area on the coast south of Valencia, where you will find a cluster of what is left of the legendary Ruta de Bacalao - the techno movement of the 90s.

Some clubs
  • Pacha (House and Pop) - C/ San Vicente Mártir 305

  • Guru (House and Pop) - C/ Acces Pista D'ademus SALIDA 6 (Paterna)

  • Deseo54 (Gay disco) - C/ Pepita, 2

  • Latex (Rock house underground) - C/ Dr Montoro, 7

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