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Museums in Valencia

Valencia has a large number of Museums throughout the city; foreigners can see the most representative historical findings and valuable items in many current exhibitions. The museums are an important tourist attraction in the city because each one of them shows us the cultural heritage and rich historical background of the city.

Museum of Fine Arts

This museum has the most stunning and artistic items from different important Spanish artists such as Vicente Lopez, Joanes, Sorolla, Ribalta, and Pinazo. However, there are also international artworks from Italy. In addition, tourists can find amazing archeological findings, outstanding art collections and many sculptures. The most representative master piece in the museum is the Pavilion sculpture because itís great example of contemporary art.

Valencian Institute of Modern Art (Institut Valenciŗ d'Art Modern)

This institute is considered the pioneer at creating modern art in Valencia. The institute is one of the most important institutes in Europe nowadays. There is a museum thatís also providing classical exhibitions of Julio Gonzales and plenty of courses related to modern Art. The museum of the Institute of modern art has two divisions: the Julio Gonzales center and the Board of the Wall.

Ceramic Museum

The ceramic museum is a stunning palace that is providing the most spectacular ceramic pieces. In fact, the museum is located in the beautiful Rococco Palace. The building structure has an amazing architectonic gothic style. This magnificent construction was built during the last part of the XV century. In the top floor, visitors can find a large number of ancient valuable ceramics.

The Cathedral museum

The cathedral is an example of the Roman Legacy in the city. Inside the cathedral, foreigners can find an important museum that shows the most valuable religion items of ancient times. There are interesting artistic elements such as the Apostle door that has a gothic style and the Palau door that has a Romanesque style. In addition, there are plenty of sculptures and paintings.

Museum of Josť Benlliure

This museum was created in order to show the magnificent artwork of the famous Spanish painter Jose Benlliure. The museum is divided into three interesting parts. The first one provides essential information about the early life of the painter. The second one explains the high class bourgeois life of the artist during 1874 and 1931 and the third and most important part shows the principal and original collections of Jose Benlliure.

Municipal Historical Museum

The Municipal Historical Museum is situated inside the city hall and has a big importance in Valencia because it possesses a larger number of historical items such as the regional flag, the senyera and the pennant of the conqueror James I.

Paleontology Museum

The museum has plenty of collections about insects and fossils from the ancient geological times. The principal attraction of this museum is the skeleton of the megatherium.

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