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F1 Valencia Street Circuit

The Valencia Street circuit (Circuit Urbŕ de Valčncia) is one of the most important events in Spain because the city hosts the European Grand Prix featuring Formula 1 races. This event was introduced in the city in 2007 and the next year (2008) Valencia won the main event thanks to Felipe Massa. There are some principal roads in the city that are designed specifically for racing purposes by Hermann Tilke. The length of the Valencia Street circuit is 5 kilometers and there are 25 curves through the circuit.

valencia street circuit

The Valencia Street circuit is celebrated each year in June. This sporting event is held on a street circuit near the Juan Carlos 1 Marina. The professional race drivers have to run as fast as they can; we are talking about 320 km/hour. An experimented race driver is able to cover all the roads in only 1 minute and 37 seconds approximately.

Even though this sport seems extremely dangerous, the race drivers are protected with one of the best security systems in the world. In addition, every garage module is well-equipped with high tech systems such as electric generators, telecommunication, compressed air, smoke extraction systems and fire detection.

valencia street circuit

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