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Eating in Valencia

For many people around the world, the most representative food in Valencia is the exquisite Paella. In fact, many international chefs say that the original Paella comes from Valencia’s saltwater lagoon called Albufera. However, there are a large number of different dishes that visitors can try to enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine.

As any other city in Spain, Valencia has an exquisite gastronomy and the local people are really proud of it. The cuisine in Valencia is quite famous in Spain for using fresh and quality ingredients in its preparations. The food in this part of the Iberian Peninsula is the perfect combination of different healthy ingredients such as fruits, shellfish, fresh vegetables and rice. There are many dishes that use rice as a main ingredient. For instance, we can mention arroz a banda, arroz negre, and the delicious Paella a la Valenciana.

Chefs in Valencia are really creative and the majority of restaurants are affordable because the city produces a great part of the ingredients. There is a fertile land in Valencia called the Huerta. This fertile land was the favorite place for the Moors and now the Huerta produces and provides the city with a large number of agricultural products.

Paella Valenciana
Paella Valenciana
Horchata and Fartons
Horchata and Fartons

The Mediterranean Sea is another major source of products that contributes to the exquisite cuisine in Valencia. For instance, the sardines, anglerfish, shrimp, octopus and red mullets are the most common seafood in the entire area. In addition visitors can find a lot of restaurants and bars offering the classical tapas in different presentations and flavors.

In order to provide information about the principal dishes in Valencia, here is a list with the most requested dishes in the area:
  • Paella valenciana.
  • Paella marinera.
  • Arroz negra.
  • Arroz al horno.
  • Arroz con costra.
  • Fideau.
  • Suquet de peix.
  • Grilled vegetables.
  • Olleta.

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