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Beaches in Valencia

Valencia is an amazing city that has the most attractive beaches of the Mediterranean area. In fact, there are more than 2 kilometers of warm and stunning coastline territory. Although, this part of Valencia is quite expensive to live in, plenty of local and foreign people visit the beaches of Valencia each year. People can find a large number of cheap and exclusive hotels throughout the area.

The Malvarrosa Beach

The Malvarrosa is the best urban beach in Valencia City. It is really easy to localize from the city center. In fact, people can reach to the beach by taking a public bus, by riding the bicycle and by foot as well. In the beach, visitors can find good facilities and plenty of water sports. Although the Malvarrosa beach is the best urban resort in Valencia, is overpopulated during summers. However, thousands of people go there in order to meet people from different parts of Spain and from around the world.

Pineda Beach

This fascinating beach is situated in the south part of Valencia and as any other beach in this part of the Mediterranean area, the water is really warm, the sea breeze is so refreshing and the sand is completely white. The Pineda Beach offers a large number of basic services such as restrooms, restaurants, medical center and stores. In addition, Tourists can practice many water sports such as sailing, jet skiing and windsurfing.

Saler Beach

This wonderful resort has six kilometers of golden sand and crystalline water that convert this area in the most crowded during summers. A lot of professional surfers visit Saler each each summer because they can find good waves in this part of the sea, ideal to practice the sport.

Devesa Beach

This natural resort is the perfect place to escape from the bustling city. The Devesa beach is an isolated beach that has the most pleasant and enjoyable crystalline water. The beach is situated in the center of the Albufera Natural Park. In addition, the fauna and the flora of the place are very varied. Visitors can find many bird species and different kinds of vegetation as well.

Malvarrosa Beach Valencia
The Arenas and Malvarrosa
Malvarrosa Beach Valencia
Malvarrosa Beach Spain

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