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Valencia Travel Guide

Arriving to Valencia

Valencia is a cosmopolitan city located in the eastern part of Spain. In fact, the city is the third’s most representative business and cultural center in the Mediterranean area. Sometimes travelling to this magnificent city can be a little bit complicated, especially for foreign people who don’t know any basic information about the principal means of transportation in the city. Valencia has a good transportation system and foreigners can access to the city by train, plane, car or bus.

Valencia by plane

This is a common way of travelling to Valencia because plenty of people fly to Valencia every day. There is an important airport in the city called The Manises Airport (Aeropuerto de Manises). The most easiest and affordable way of getting to the airport from the city center is using the Metro.

Valencia Manises Airport The airport has domestic and international flights everyday and the most common destinations are London, Dublin, Paris and Berlin. Once tourists arrive in Valencia, they can take taxis (16-17€ to Valencia´s Downtown) or the buses.

The airport is located in the west side of the city about 8 km away, approximately. It has a big building that is divided into three floors. The first floor is exclusive for arrivals and departures, the second and the third floor is used for shopping and that’s where people will find a large number of boutiques and stores.

Valencia by Car

Valencia is a modern city characterized for its well-build roads and great highways. For instance, the main A7 is the principal road. Other important roads in the city are the N221 and the N34.

Valencia Train Station

Valencia by train

The train has always been the way of transportation for local people and tourists. They take the train in order to see the magnificent and wonderful landscapes as well as the nature sceneries. One of the best companies that provide affordable tours around the country is The Spanish Rail Network. Tourists can find the train station in Valencia on Xática Street 2, near Valencia’s Downtown, Plaza del ayuntamiento.

Valencia Bus Station

Valencia by Bus

Although travelling by bus tends to be a little bit uncomfortable and arduous, taking a bus in order to travel around Spain is the cheapest way for many people who are on a tight budget. Each day there are several bus services in the city running from Valencia to Madrid, Malaga and Barcelona. There is a big bus station in the north from Valencia’s Downtown (Estación Terminal d'Autobuses) on De Melendez Pidal Avenue 13.

Estació Maritim Valencia

Valencia by Ferry

This is an interesting way of getting to Valencia, especially if you are on the Balearic Island, Ibiza o Majorca. A lot of people use this kind of transportation during summer and spring. The trip only takes about 6 hours. Even though it’s quite expensive, it’s really cool and enjoyable. There is a Transmediterránean office situated at the port of Valencia (Estació Marítim.)

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