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Valencia is considered as a romantic region that has the most exquisite cuisine, and spectacular contemporary constructions, funny festivals and historical buildings. This magnificent region is located in southeastern part of Spain and is divided into three provinces:
  • Valencia
  • Castellon
  • Alicante
Valencia is a narrow region with a fertile coastal strip. There is a coastline that has the most wonderful sandy beaches. People from Valencia usually go to the Costa Blanca in the south and the Costa del Azahar in the north. In addition, Valencia has other interesting features such as the Segura River that is located in the south of Elche and the marshlands and wetlands which attract plenty of birds each year.

Its geography, people, food, traditions and customs attract thousands of people and make Valencia a great touristic destination around the world. This page has an interesting selection of photos that describe the splendor of Valencia- Click on the pictures below in order to see them.

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