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Valencia Travel Guide

Valencia Travel Guide

Valencia shines as a beautiful and modern city in Spain. There are plenty of amazing features that convert the city into one of the most favorite tourist destinations for many people around the world. Valencia is a lovely city that is perfect for those who want a romantic getaway or a touristic business trip. Although the city is considered the third most important in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, about 4 million people visit the city each year due to two important facts, the Americaīs Cup and the creation of the spectacular city of Arts and Sciences. In addition, the city of Valencia has a huge historical background and a rich cultural heritage. As an example we can mention a big variety of monuments, palaces, buildings and constructions that foreigners can find throughout the city. The majority of the old constructions in Avila have a Romanesque influence.

The portal de Valldigna is a historical wall that surrounded Valencia completely in ancient times. The Old University of Valencia is another well-preserved building that foreigners can observe now. However, there are other interesting landmarks in the city including the following:

The Ayuntamiento City Hall

This spectacular construction looks like a palace and visitors can find a huge square in the interior of the city hall. Nowadays, the Ayuntamiento City Hall is a museum and an important place where many noteworthy events take place each year.

Valencia Old University

The ancient university of Valencia is a well-preserved and magnificent construction having the most beautiful architectonic style. The building also has representative elements such as statues, a cloister area, amazing sculptures and paintings.

The lonja building

Another important highlight in Valencia is the Lonja Building. This landmark is very famous in Valencia because it was declared as a World Heritage Site. The site is located in Plaza del Mercado and was built during the 13th century approximately.

As a modern city in this part of the Iberian Peninsula, Valencia has a vibrant night life with great bars and night clubs in specific parts of the city such as the bohemian district of Carmel, Juan Llorens Street and the beach. Valencia is also famous for having the most colorful and spectacular festivals in the entire Spain. For example, La Tomatina and Las Fallas are two important festivals in Valencia.

 City area 134.65 kmē
 Elevation 15 m
 Population Province: 1,583,331 hab. (2008)
City: 810,064 hab.
 Density 6,016 hab./kmē

More information about Valencia:

Welcome to Valencia, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, it is considerated the third most important city in this country and the second most important along the Spanish Mediterranean coast after Barcelona.

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