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Spain by Train

Rail transportation in Spain is fast, efficient and cheap in most of its routes; main cities have local networks connecting smaller towns and villages that are considered to have the worst trains (except on major commuting routes in and out of Madrid and Barcelona). Railroad system includes High Speed, Long Distance, Regional and Commuter trains.

The National rail transport

The National rail transport operator is RENFE and offers a great service in all its long-distance routes but in short-distance trains it suffers long delays; it controls most local regional and national routes. You can book your tickets in advance at

High-Speed trains are operated by:

EUROMED trains serve these routes: Barcelona – Valencia/Alicante.

ALTARIA trains serve these routes: Madrid – Alicante, Madrid - Córdoba - Algeciras, Madrid - Granada, Madrid - Sevilla - Cádiz, Madrid - Sevilla - Huelva, Madrid - Pamplona, Madrid - Logroño, Madrid - Murcia - Cartagena.

ALVIA trains serve these routes: Madrid - Gijón, Madrid - Santander, Madrid - Bilbao, Madrid - San Sebastián - Irún/Hendaya and Madrid - Valencia - Castelló.

AVE in one of Europe finest rail services and trains serve these routes: Madrid - Zaragoza - Camp de Tarragona - Barcelona, Madrid - Zaragoza - Huesca, Madrid – Cordoba -Sevilla, Madrid – Cordoba -Málaga and Madrid - Segovia - Valladolid.

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