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Spain Hitching

Spain is divided into 50 provinces, each one counts with an awesome atmosphere and beautiful landscapes that people can enjoy by traveling around the country; the most common ways are: By bus, train and car but some people prefer to get around by hitching. These days it’s not recommended to get around Spain by hitching because it’s considered as an unsafe method but it doesn’t mean you’ll be unsuccessful.

Hitching advices

If you’re determined to hitch we can give you some advice:
  • Hitching is illegal so avoid motorways.

  • It’s important to speak Spanish, at least the rudimentary, in order to make small talk to win locals over; it’s for sure that you’ll find other cities with different languages such as Catalan or Basque, but everyone speaks castellano (Spanish).

  • It’ll be useful to bring a hat and some water if you are waiting for a lift in Andalusia.

  • In South of Spain, hitchhiking is very common and it is also very easy to get a ride but in most places of Spain, hitching isn’t a very common concept, mostly done by foreigners; though, the thumb will be understood.

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