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Spain By Bicycle

Spain is a magnificent destination with its warm climate, beautiful little towns, delicious food and drinks and its many places to discover. One of the most interesting ways to get around this country is by bicycle; tourists find all the facilities to do it: Plenty of bike rentals, accommodations, tours and more.

If you are interested in doing a complete tour that comprises long distances and various days sleeping in tents; you should be careful in choosing the equipment, particularly the tent must be: Light -weighted with muted colors in order to be as invisible as possible and ensure you don’t attract attention and make sure that it is small enough to fit on your bike. But if you want to avoid the weight of packages, you can contact hotels and other accommodation places.

popular destinations for biking tours in Spain

Some of the most popular destinations for biking tours in Spain are:Camino Santiago, Madrid, Andalusia, Catalonia and Green Spain:
  • Andalusia: It’s a picturesque land known as The Gateway to Europe; this destination includes popular cities such as Seville, Cordoba and Granada and boasts beautiful white houses with flower balconies and challenging mountainous areas.

  • The Costa Brava/Girona: Costa Brava offers a mild and temperate climate that allows year-round cycling, and Girona is a historical city, a well-known cyclist haven with many attractions such as the Cathedral and the Jewish Quarter besides the area that is preserved by parks and natural beauties; you’ll enjoy a beautiful atmosphere and stunning landscapes here.

  • Camino de Santiago: Saint James Way is possibly the oldest touristic trail; although the journey was traditionally made for religious reasons, nowadays it’s preferred by tourists because of the infinite amount of stories and secrets it hides.

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