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Spain time belongs to the Central European Time (CET) which is +1 hour compared to the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The CET is valid for mainland and for the Balearic Islands. However, inthe Canary Islands they take one hour less, which means the time there equals GMT time. Like in most European countries, Time is divided in Summer Time and Winter Time.


During Summer Time, time is set forward in one hour, shifting to two hours more than GMT time each year around March 21st. Then, during winter, time is set back one hour to CET time (i.e. GMT+1) around every September 21st.

Spanish time zone

Spanish, as most southern nations, take time in a more laid-backnaturethan the rest of European nations. In case that you have arranged a meeting with your friends at 1 pm, you should expect them at around 3 pm. You cannot meet up with such long delays anywhere in Europe. Nonetheless, this is not valid in a case of business meeting.

Spanish usually have a breakduring lunch time that is very long, normally between 1 pm to 4 pm. Avoid visiting shops, museums or galleries within this time.

Theatre performancesstart at 22:00 hours in most cases. Night bars and clubs start crowding up not earlier than at 1 am, but the best environment from 3 to 5 am. However, locals generally go out during Fridays and Saturdays.

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