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If you are Spanish or a foreign person looking for jobs in the awesome Spain, you have to know that getting a job won't be easy, but we know that your perseverance and self-confidence will make you be working really soon. Here in Job search in Spain we want to present you with useful information that will help you in the process of job search, it includes job hunting resources and tips for doing your resume and prepare your job interview. Getting a job in Spain is not easy, but if you look for information and get prepared, it is for sure you will get one.

Due to job opportunities are limited in Spain, competition for job positions are fierce and competitive. Everyone who wants to work in this country must know that the unemployment rate is still high, and that the payment is not as in other countries such as USA.

One thing to point out is that Spain is one of the countries with the highest demand in the field of Technology. According to statistics, most companies are looking for people who have knowledge of Internet and communications, and 3 out of 6 people are trained for these jobs.

IT jobs Spain

Sources for finding jobs

In the job search process there are some sources for finding a job according to your expectations.

Here are some of them:

Employment agencies in Spain

Recruitment agencies help you by submitting you for vacancies advised to the agency by employers. There are employment agencies in Spain which offer exciting jobs with top employers in various fields including accounting, administration, clerical, customer service, healthcare, education, architecture and so on. Plus, they offer great online classifieds.

In case you are leaving your country for coming to Spain without having a job, the first step you can take is to research employment agencies. They will provide you with good job options according to your professions and specialties.

Other sources You can also research job openings either online or through newspapers, which sometimes advertise through their local newsletter to avoid being overwhelmed by applications. The following are some other sources:
  • The INEM (National Employment Institute) offers national job vacancies. It has spread offices over the country, so you can go there.
  • El Pais. It is a newspaper with classified ads for jobs. Check its website.
  • La Vanguardia. A newspaper edited in Barcelona which also has job offers.
  • Website "sinexperiencia". Here you can find advices for people who want to achieve more experience. It offers practices.
  • Free cover letter samples to attach in your resume and also a complete cover letter writing guide.

Jobs for foreign people

It is true that finding jobs in Spain demands much about us, so if you are thinking to work overseas, one of the first thing to take into account is learning the language, it will help you so much to increase the job opportunities. Before arriving to the country you can take some Spanish lessons, or if it is not possible, you can take Spanish courses in Spain. There are many language schools where you can learn or improve your language knowledge.

If you are a professional with some degrees, make sure your professional qualifications will be recognized in this country, to know this you can contact the education department of the Spanish embassy.

The tourist sector is perfect to find temporary job vacancies. If you don't have a degree or any professional experience, you may start from zero. In tourist areas, many expats work as waiters, bar staff, cooks, etc

Another option for English-speakers is working as English teachers. For this, It will be necessary to have certificates such as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or ESL(English as a Second Language)

Writing your resume

Getting a good job depends also on your resume, because this is the first impression that you give to employers. Thereby, you should include your best qualities, education, your accomplishments in specific terms, professional experience, etc, in order to prove employers that you are the best option for the job position.

Before sending your resume, look for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If you feel insecure about how to write a resume, you can check an online resume sample, checking it you can have a good idea of what you need to include in this important document. It is for sure you will find a resume sample specially for your specialization. Another important aspect to take into account is making your resume look outstanding and presentable, it can make that employers be more interested on it.

How you can see, there are many things involved in the process "job search in Spain", so it is important you consider them. We encourage you don't give up and find that dreamed job.

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