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The Corrida

Every corrida starts with "El paseillo", this is when everybody involved in the bullfight enters the ring and presents themselves to the president and public. Then, two "alguacilillos" on horseback ask for the keys to the puerta de los toriles, where bulls are waiting to go out. Then, the bulls goes out to the bullring, here is when the real spectacle begins. The corrida is divided in three parts, called "tercios". Between tercio and tercio sounds a bugle.

There are three bullfighters (called "toreros") in each corrida. For every torero corresponds two bulls. During the first tercio, the bullfighter uses a "capote" which is a large red&yellow cape. The second tercio is called "la suerte de banderillas". It occurs when three banderilleros stick a pair of "banderillas" into the bull's back. An the, during the final tercio, called "suerte suprema", the bullfighter uses the muleta, a small red cloth draped from a stick.

The bullfighting season in Spain begins in April to October. Out of this season many bullfighters travel to Mexico and Colombia. Bullfights begins punctually and usually start in the late afternoon and earlier during the winter.

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