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Weather in Sevilla

Seville has a beautiful weather, a typical Mediterranean weather. This beautiful city has hot summers, especially in August. Seville is a dry city, and it is considered one of the hottest cities in Europe, Seville had a temperature of 47C or 126F in August, 2003. The sun shines almost every day from June to September, and there is virtually no rain. A large number of people prefer to stay in their home in this period of time.

This European city has mild winters, because the temperature almost never drops below zero, January is the coldest month with a minimum temperature of 5.2C and maximum temperature of 15.9C, so you wont need a heavy winter coat, but it is important you have slippers. There is some rain from October to April, and December is the wettest month; however, youll notice the absence of rains in this zone.

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