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Transports in Sevilla

If you are thinking about traveling Seville, you must know how to get around the city. Firstly, you must know what transports in Seville are economical and convenient, because there is a huge number of transport options to visit the entire city; there are buses, taxis, bikes and scooters, so you can choose one of these options. Seville has an efficient transportation network that runs all over Seville.

The public transport in Seville is great, for example, buses are a confortable way to visit Seville. This is the cheapest mode of transportation. You should get hold a bus ticket for traveling for wide and far. This service operates on circular and line routes. Currently, Seville has a trolley system, and it runs from the San Sebastian Bus Station to the Plaza de Nueva.

If you donít want to drive, or go all over Seville by bus, you can take a comfortable taxi. These can be easily spotted on the road; taxis have a green light located in the top which means you can hire them. Taxis have enough space to carry your entire luggage with you. You can make prior reservations of taxis. The disadvantage is that taxis are the most expensive way to visit Seville.

If you want to discover the real charms of Seville, you must use a bike. Bikes are widely used to transport in Seville, and you can get one easy. There are some legal rules that prohibit you bring your own bike, but you can rent a bike at a reasonable price. Cycling in Seville is nice and fun, but you have to follow the safety rules.

If you want to drive and you have experience of driving in Seville or another European city, you can choose a scooter or a motorbike. These scooters are easy to drive, but you must have a license and a helmet to protect you, in order to visit most popular places for tourists in Seville.

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