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Spanish in Sevilla

Spanish is one of the most popular languages around the world, so if you want to learn this beautiful language, you can do it in Seville. This beautiful city is overflowing with charm, history, culture and atmosphere, and it is the perfect place to learn Spanish. Much of history is still reflected in its monuments, for example, the Giralda, the Cathedral, the Alcázar, the Torre de Oro and the famous Santa Cruz quarter.

Seville is a place where you will feel good, and you will be able to see that the people really know how to live well, preserve their attractions such as the Easter celebration or "Semana Santa" and April Fair, and buildings such as Cathedral of Seville. This city is in many ways the soul of Spain, so Seville is one of the best places to take class of Spanish language.

The Spanish School in Seville

The Spanish in Sevilla is taught in a school that is located in a magnificent historic building in the city center. The building dates from 1919 and was designed by one of the most famous architects in Spain, Aníbal González, also creator of the "Plaza de España". This building is one of the most important monuments in Seville. You will enjoy a concentrated taste of Spain upon entering the school.

This school has 12 classrooms. These classrooms are very spacious, and all are air-conditioned. You can relax and sunbathing on the rooftop, after your Spanish lessons. Just like all our schools, this school has an office, teachers' room, a meeting room and multimedia classroom. This school is qualified in infrastructure, and with excellent teacher qualities.

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