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Nightlife in Sevilla

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. There are many things to do during your stay. Seville has a variety of venues in a small area, so you can visit four or five completely different bars in a few minutes.

Many people say that the inhabitants of Seville know how to enjoy in their free time, also say that they live in the street, because they spend most time on the streets, and just return home to sleep or to eat. At night the bars and streets are full of tourists and locals.

Nightlife along the River
Seville has summers very hot, so people go to the river and terrazas at night, because they are cooler than at the day, and the most pleasant spots are the open air bars set up along both sides of the river.

Nightlife in the Center
In the nightlife in Sevilla has several crowded locals especially in the area of Alfalfa and around the Iglesia del Salvador; and large groups of youngsters using streets and squares as an extension of their favorite bar. There are also a wide range of discotheques and bars that you will find around the city center.

Nightlife in the Park of Maria Luisa
Maria Luisa Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Seville. There are several nice summer terraces and most of them are located in the old pavilions of the Exposition of 1929, near the Lope de Vega Theater. You can find many locals playing dance music.

Nightlife in The Barrio de Santa Cruz
You can have loads of fun in this traditional neighborhood, but just near to midnight. There are a lot of typical bars offering regional wines, and delicious Tapas.

Nightlife in Sevilla
Nightlife in Sevilla
Nightlife in Sevilla
Nightlife in Sevilla

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