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Festivals in Sevilla

Florence Travel Guide Semana Santa
Semana Santa (Easter week) is a very important festival throughout Spain. If you visit Seville in this time, you will see that the whole city comes alive with celebration. This beautiful festival consists of reenact scenes from Christ’s Passion during huge processions around the streets of Seville, in which a large number of people follow many cofradias and brotherhoods. These processions last from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

Florence Travel Guide Feria de Abril
Feria de Abril is a great experience for tourists. This fair begins on Monday at midnight, frequently 2 weeks after Easter week (Semana Santa), and finishes seven days later, on Sunday at midnight with beautiful fireworks. You can find many canvas shacks with food and drinks, and you can also dance in Los Remedios neighborhood. Feria de Abril has great bullfights in La Maestranza bullring, and all day are long parties.

Florence Travel Guide Día de San Fernando
San Fernando is the patron saint of Seville, so the locals make a celebration with many acts in the cathedral every May 30th. San Fernando was an important figure because he helped in the re-conquest of Seville from the Muslim in 13th century.

Florence Travel Guide Día de la Inmaculada
Dia de la Inmaculada is an important festival in Seville. Many parents dress up their children in the 16th century costumes, and take them to church to dance and sing in front of the main altar every December 8th. This festival has interesting activities inside and around the cathedral, for example the religious acts in the Arco del Postigo in front of chapel of Conception, and the floral offering in front of the monument of the Virgin Mary in Triunfo Plaza.

Florence Travel Guide Procesión de la Virgen de los Reyes
This festival is a procession in honor of the Virgin de los Reyes, and takes place near the cathedral every August 15th. La Virgen de los Reyes is a wood statue, and its history dates back to the 13th century, when King Fernando kept the statue in his personal altar until his death in 1252. Nowadays, La Virgen de los Reyes is located before the tombs of certain historical figures such as queens and kings, including King Fernando who today is the city's Patron Saint as well.

Florence Travel Guide Velada de Santa Ana
This festival celebrates the sain’t days of Santiago and Santa Ana, and takes place on Calle Betis in the Triana neighborhood alongside the Guadalquivir River. In the "Velada de Santa Ana", you can find several food stalls where you can grab a bite to eat while watching a lot of water games and canoeing competitions.

Florence Travel Guide Exhibición de Enganches
This event is one of the most traditional activities, and it is made as a prelude to the Feria de Abril. There are different categories for the Concurso de Enganches such as public services, calesera quarters, lemon and mules, these categories depend on the type of harnessing. This event takes place inside Seville bullring where you can see coachmen wearing traditional attire, and carriages will show you splendid and exotic sights.

Florence Travel Guide Feria de San Miguel (St.Michael's Festival)
Feria de San Miguel is the national name that has the bullfighting event. This festival takes place in September. You can see a lot of famous matadors who give impressive solo performances.

Florence Travel Guide Homenaje a Daoiz
Luis Daoiz was considered as the city’s son; he sacrificed his life in Madrid against Napoleon’s army during the War of Independence in the early 19th century. A statue in his honor was erected in Plaza de la Gavidia in the heart of the city. Many people come to pay tribute with flowers at mid-morning of every May 2, and the Artillery troops and a musical band provide performances during this festival.

Florence Travel Guide Día del Orgullo Gay
Many lesbians and gays of Seville together with numerous cities in the world organize parades and conferences every June 28th. The community gay in addition to their demonstration to claim their rights and respect, they also offer interesting cultural visits, some festivals, and films.

Florence Travel Guide Tapas Fair
Seville has contributed to the birth of the Tapas. This interesting festival lasts around four days where approximately 50 bars and restaurants show their creative designs of delicious tapas, and invite to taste samples with the accompaniment of wine, sherry and beer. Tapas Fair is a great opportunity to taste several flavors of Seville, but the festival is not completely free for the drinking and tasting.

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