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Eating in Sevilla

Seville is considered a gastronomic center in Spain. The gastronomy of Seville is based on simple recipes, but considered among the highest quality courses. It is also influenced by the Moorish tradition. Seville has been praised for centuries, and it is known as the place that one must go for tasting the original Andalusian diet which is simple to prepare, light, and surprisingly tasty.

Most of the dishes feature seafood and pork. Some of the most popular dishes are: Gazpacho, a famous cold soup made with tomato, garlic, paprika, cucumber, olive oil, vinegar and bread; flamenco eggs, eggs poached in tomato sauce; Pescado frito, a deep-fried breaded fish in olive oil; Banderillas, skewered grilled meat and other ingredients; Cocido Andaluz, a thick stew of vegetables, meat and chickpeas; and the delicious Rabo de Toro, a ragout of bull's tail.

Tapas are the true dish of Seville cuisine, because this region is the birthplace of this traditional appetizer. In fact, there are myriads of delicious tapas recipes such as boquerones en vinagre (small marinated fish in vinager), Spanish ham and cheese, aliņo (various seasoned meats) or picadillo (minced meat), salmorejo (a thick gazpacho), papas aliņas (seasoned potatoes), ensaladilla (a variant of a Russian potato salad), lomo mechado (lion strips), and tortilla de patatas (Spanish potato omelet).

The traditional sweets have mostly Moorish influences, and those are prepared often with egg yolks, honey, almond, and wine. For example, some of the most popular are: Tocino del cielo (rich custard), Almendrados (almond biscuits), Pan de higo (fig roll), Torrijas and Yemas de San Leandro. Sevillans combine delicious food with most of the local wines such as Jerez (sherry), Montilla and Manzanilla.

Eating in Sevilla
Pescaíto frito
Eating in Sevilla

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