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Sevilla Travel Guide

Arriving to Sevilla

Seville is the capital of Autonomous Community of Andalusia; it is one of the greatest European cities with regard to an urban setting that blends with surrounding rural communities; today it is considered the best communicated city in Spain. Seville is the last great metropolis of Southern Europe. It is characterized by an efficient and varied accessibility, Seville has not only become a tourist destination, but also the best equipped port in all of Andalusia.

Seville transportation is based on a wide and extensive network of urban regional transport, and roads, so you can easily get to Seville. There are many forms to arrive to Seville for example by bus, car, train, airplane and boat. Some main highways such as the A4, A92 and the AP4 connect Seville with whole Spain, and the airport that connect it with the rest of the world.

By Road

Seville has renovated its highway, and you can arrive to Seville form Madrid through the A4 road, you can also arrive to Seville from Granada or Malaga through the A92 road, this is the vertebrate highway from West to East in Andalusia. You can use the A49 road, from Huelva and Southern Portugal to Seville. It is possible to arrive to Seville from Zamora, Merida, Gijon or Salamanca through the “Ruta de la Plaza” using a modern highway (the A66 road) or the traditional N630 road. However, if you want to drive, and have a driver’s license, you can take your car or hire one to come to Seville.

By train

Seville is one of the first cities that has a high speed railway line. Santa Justa train station is the most important in Seville; this building was built in order to replace Cordoba Stations, and the Cadiz. Santa Justa connects high speed lines to Madrid, Barcelona, Cordoba and Zaragoza in the SW-NE line. Seville is also connected to other Extremaduran and Andalusian cities such as Granada, Huelva, Merida, or Cadiz by means of regional lines. You can arrive to Seville from any near region or municipality such as the Campiña or Sierra Morena.

By airplane

Seville has an international airport, San Pablo Airport. This building connects Seville with the world. It is located about 20 minutes from the city center. If you want to arrive to Seville from San Pablo airport, you can take a taxi that cost around € 18 during the day and € 21 after 10 p.m or holiday and weekend; or a bus that costs around € 2.50.

By boat

The Guadalquivir River hosts the first class port in Seville. Actually, there isn’t a regular service of passenger transportation by Guadalquivir River, but you can find a lot of shipping routes around the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea that visit Seville.

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