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Eating in Palma

Palma's food has a strong Mediterranean influence. The main ingredients for their dishes are: seafood, fish, pig, vegetables, sausage and olive oil. By the way, in Palma, Mallorca's Olive oil is commonly used. As opposed to other cities in Spain, Palma has many traditional dishes. However, if you do not only want to eat the island's traditional food, you can go to other restaurants that serve other types of food.

In Palma, there is a dish which is usually eaten before the main dish; this is Sopa Mallorquina. It is a dry soup made of vegetable stock and Pan Moreno (brown bread). The main characteristic of this food is that it is not eaten with a spoon but with a fork because the liquid is absorbed by the bread. The soup is usually served with olives.

For the main dish, there are several options to choose from. For example, they have the "Frito Mallorquin"; it is of Jewish origin and it is made of fried beef, liver, potatoes and peppers. Another popular dish is "Arròs Brut"; it has several meats as pig, rabbit, sausage, etc. "Sobrasada", "Lomo con Col", "Pan con aceite", "Berenjenas rellenas" are other examples of Palma's traditional dishes. Desserts are also popular in Palma. The most popular are: "Rubiol", "Empanada" and "Ensaimada"; nevertheless, the last one is eaten during breakfast.

Due to the big number of tourists who visit Palma, many restaurants have been opened in the last years. We can find all types of restaurants: from the most expensive and exclusive restaurants to the most economical restaurants.

Also, there are restaurants that specialize in international food. There are bars where you can eat snacks and try drinks; specially, the wines made in the city, which are very tasty and popular.

Some of the most visited restaurants are:


Paseo del Mar, 3, 07181 Palmanova 971 68 10 52 Menu, drinks included: approx: €40 by person. It specializes in meat, seafood and Sushi. A beautiful and comfortable restaurant; it has an amazing view to the ocean.


Portals Nous, Around Town 97-167-55-47 Main dishes from €16- €35. This is a Super-luxury restaurant on the waterfront of the Portals Nous Yacht Club. Tristán is the most exclusive restaurant in the island; its main dishes are made of pasta and meat.

Bona Taula

c/ Rubén Darío, 4Palma de Mallorca 871 964 390 Menu, starting from €10. It is a small restaurant that serves high quality food at fair prices. It's closed on Saturdays and it opens from 12:30pm to 4:30pm.

Celler Ca'n Amer

C/La Pau, 39, 07300 Inca. 971 501 26. Celler Ca'n Amer servers typical Majorcan food. It has a familiar environment and the attention is very good.

La Lubina

Muelle Viejo, s/n, 07012 Palma 971 723 350 Menu, drinks included: approx. €50 per person. It is probably Palma's most traditional fish restaurant. It specializes in seafood.

La Bóveda

C/Botería, 3, La Lonja Palma 971 714 863 Main courses €8-€23

In La Boveda you can try the best tapas in Palma. It is a restaurant where we can find a quiet and romantic environment with live music as accompaniment

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