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The rest of the city

Apart from its great monuments such as The Cathedral, The Bellver Castle and La Lonja, Palma can offer many other monuments such as the Arab baths, the museum of Mallorca and the Basilica de San Francisco. Although, these are not widely known, many people are fascinated at the time they visit one of these monuments, as well as these, there are many other throughout the city, it just need a little time to visit all of them.


Although Arab baths are not widely known, they are amazing monuments built in the XI century. This is located in the narrow streets of the medieval quarter of the city is the only remaining Moorish-built building in Palma, historians say that it was the home of a Muslim nobleman. This building has beautiful gardens where one can find a wide variety of flowers, Cactus and Palm trees.

 Address & prices
 Hours Open Apr-Sept daily 9am-7pm; Oct-Mar daily 9am-6pm
 Location Carrer Serra 7
 Phone 97-172-15-49
 Prices Admission 1.50€ ($1.95)

Palma Travel Guide Palma Travel Guide


The Palacio Ayamans houses the Museo de Mallorca, alsoknown as "La Casa de la Gran Cristiana". This building was built in the XVI century by uniting several old houses; The Museo de Mallorca is placed in the south of the Town Hall. As most Spanish museum, one can find many beautiful and well-preserved Moorish artworks as well as important archaeological remains. Although, there are not many photos of this monument, it houses many historical things, so it is advisable to visit it.

 Address & contact info
 Location Calle de la Portella 5, E-07001, AK22 Palma de Mallorca
 Phone +34 971717540 & +34 971724794 
 Hours Open from 10:00 hours until 19:00 hours. Sundays from 10:00 hours until 14:00 hours

Palma Travel Guide Palma Travel Guide


One of the most beautiful Palma's monuments is definitely "Basílica y Claustro de San Francisco". This monument was built in the XIII century and is located in the old city of Palma. This church belongs to a convent founded by Jaime III in 1278; it has 74 meters long, 17 wide and 25 meters high. This church also has one central nave and eight lateral chapels widely visited by tourists and locals.

 Address & contact
 Location Plaça Sant Francesc - Saint Francis square
 Phone 971712695
 Hours 9.30am - 1.00pm, 3.30 - 6.00pm.

Palma Travel Guide Palma Travel Guide

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