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Palau de l'Almudaina and Sa Llotja

As we already know, Palma de Mallorca has many tourist attractions such as beaches, virgin forests, castles and many other monuments. Among its main monuments we can mention the Palau de l'Almudaina (Almudaina Palace), which is a beautiful palace, and Sa Llotja (the Lijta museum). Both the palace and the museum show the great Spanish history, and they are two places that one can't miss to visit.

Palau de l'Almudaina

The Almudaina Palace is a beautiful place to visit in Palma. It has a Roman origin and it is located near to the cathedral. This palace is a square building that is surrounded by high walls and many towers, the main tower is called "La Torre del Homenaje" also known as "La Torre del Angel" because it has the statue of the Archangel Gabriel in its highest.

Since 1963, this palace has been subjected to important restorations that were conducted by the national trust. There are many important places in the palace, among which we can mention The King's palace, the Queen's palace, the Arab baths, the king's garden and the Queen' garden. Currently, this palace is used as the King's official residence for ceremonies especially during the summer months, when the Royal family is on vacation in Mallorca.

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The Llotja Museum

The Llotja museum also known as "La Lonja" is one of the most important gothic monuments in the city. The Llotja museum was built by the renowned architect Guillen Sangrera de Felanits, who also worked in the construction of the Cathedral of Perpignan, in the 15th century.

This building has a square shape that is carefully decorated with many details. At the entrance we can see the statue of an angel and if we walk by there we can see also some statues of Gargoyles. Nowadays, there are many expositions that take place in this museum.

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