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Around Palma de Mallorca

Palma is a Spanish Island, which is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Due to its great beauty and the large variety of tourist attractions that it has, Palma de Mallorca is widely visited by tourist from all over the world. One not only will find beaches and clubs like Ibiza, Palma offers other kind of attraction such as beautiful mountains and virgin forests, which are the perfect place for those nature lovers


The Castell de Bellver is, undoubtedly, one of the best tourist attractions in Palma, if not the best. This amazing monument was built in 1311 by the architect Pere Salvą. The Castell de Bellver is located 3 km from Palma city. One of the most eminent features is definitely its beautiful circular shape, which is the only one in Spain, this castle is also composed by three minor towers and the main tower called "La Torre del Homenaje", which is separated about 7 meters from the castle and is united to it by a beautiful bridge.

Originally, the Castell de Bellver was built to serve as the home for the kings of Mallorca. During its existence, this suffered two sieges, the first was in 1343 to reincorporate this region to the crown of , and the second was in 1391 during an anti-Semitic peasant revolt. Nowadays, this is a museum and the home of many celebrations.

Palma Travel Guide Palma Travel Guide


El Arenal is a seaside suburb of Mallorca that is located between the municipalities of Llucmajor and Palma de Mallorca. El Arenal covers an area of 84.79 km2 approximately, and it has a population of 10.068 inhabitants. Due to its beautiful beach, it is widely visited by many tourists especially Germans who want to spend a good time enjoying the sun.

Throughout "El Arenal", one can find many hotels from the cheaper but comfortable to the most luxurious in the city. Near to the beach there are also many restaurants offering the typical dishes, but if you want to enjoy a crazy night, you will find many clubs such as "El Coco Rico" and "El Cheers".

Palma Travel Guide Palma Travel Guide

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