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Palma is located in the centre of Palma Bay, 13 meters over the sea level. Due to its location, it has an exceptional weather; it is sunny all year long. In summer, the highest temperature is 26°C while in winter the average temperature is around 16°C. For this reason, beaches are its major touristic attraction. It has more than 400 thousand inhabitants and the majority of them work in a field related to tourism.

As it was mentioned above, the beaches in Palma are a truly paradise. The ideal weather, the quiet and clear ocean as well as the beautiful landscapes make the perfect combination for its visitors. The beaches of the island are: Cala Estancia, Playa de Palma (it's the biggest one), Ciudad Jardín, Ca'n Pere Antoni and Cala Mayor. In all of them, there are businesses such as shops or restaurants, where you can buy and eat while you sunbathe.

But Palma does not only have beautiful beaches; it also has lots of places to see and visit, for example: Museums: The most popular ones are: Catedralicio Museum, Historico-Militar Castillo de San Carlos museum, Municipal de Historia Museum, Diocesà Museum, etc.

Churches: Catedral de Santa María de Palma de Mallorca (commonly known as La seu), Montesion, San Francisco, San Miguel, Santa Eulalia, etc. And important buildings that are part of the Palma's culture due to their significant meaning. Some of these most important and representative buildings are: The Baños Arabes, Consolat de la Mar, El Palacio de la Almudaina, La Lonja, La Plaza Mayor, El Pueblo Español, El Gran Hotel, El Castillo Bellver, etc.

Several festivals are celebrated during the year. During these celebrations, all the cultural backgrounds and traditions are shown in parties, concerts, parades, ceremonies, presentations, etc. These are only a few of the most important celebrations:
  • On January 5th and 6th: The Three Wise Men parade.
  • On January 19th and 20th: Saint Sebastian Day. Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of the island.
  • March 1st: Isla Baleares day.
  • Easter.
  • A week after Easter "Domingo de Angel" (Angel Sunday.)
  • On June is the spring day.
  • On September: is the "Madre de Dios de la Salud" day. She is the female patron saint of Palma.

 Area 213,55 km²
 Population Total 375.773 (2005)
 Density 1760 hab./km²
 Time Zone CET (GMT +1)
 Autonomous Comunity Balearic Islands

Palma Travel Guide Palma Travel Guide

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