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Do you know all the basic information about Spain and the process of moving to this excellent city? If you donít, we invite you to read the following information that may result useful if you are going to move to this country. Moving to Spain involves a process where two aspects are very important, they are: getting the Visa and be prepared for the day of moving. In this article we provide you with this information as well as basic information about the beautiful Spain.

Madrid Spain

Basic information about Spain

  • Population: 47,190,493†
  • Territory size: 504.645 km≤
  • Religion: Catholic religion is predominant
  • Currency: Euro
  • Languages: Spanish is the official language (74%). Others are: Catalan (17%), Galician (7%), and Basque (2%)†
  • Spain is a member of the EU

Among the possible reasons why people decide to move to the modern Spain is that this beautiful country has a spectacular weather, a low cost of living (at least among others European countries), etc. Behind these reasons, you have to know that finding a job in this country is very competitive and it is not an easy task, so if you havenít one until now and you are in your country, it will be a good idea you try to find one there.†

Process of moving to Spain

Nowadays it is becoming more and more for people to move overseas. If you are one of them, you have to know that making this decision involves a lot of planning that involves the following aspects:
  • Buying your flights to Spain months in advance, it will avoid you to have a headache that can produce some arrangements.

  • All your belongings have to be organized into boxes and bags clearly marked, It is also important create a list of bags arranged according to their importance.

  • Contacting moving companies†in Spain, in order you get help. You have to make a good research and also compare their quotes and services offered. In an international move, first you have to consider the quality of service when you have to choose a company; it will ensure that your things arrive at their destination safely. (We recommend you to visit moving companies†in Spain).

  • You must look for international moving companies that include high-quality movers services. They will be in charge of the moval management. Movers will help you to have in your new house, all the things you need from your previous house. It is really a hard work if you do it yourself. Choose the right moving companie and make your move to Spain simple.

  • Knowing more about your new place in Spain is a good idea. Internet and libraries are good alternatives. Living in another country involves many changes so you need to know more to make more easily your move.

  • Moving to a country where the language is not the same than ours demands of us to learn this. If you are moving to live in Spain, then you have to learn the Spanish language, it would be better if you do it as soon as you can. Learning Spanish can allow people to communicate accurately with local people, so this brings many advantages.†

  • Once in Spain, you have to get information about life insurance, taxes, health care arrangements, etc. People from other country that is member of the EU such as UK, Norwegian, Sweden, etc have the right to live in this country.

  • Have you already a place to stay? If you donít then Real estate agents can help you in finding a property to rent or buy.


One important thing you have to know is that the Visa has to be gotten in your country, so if you are in Spain there is no way to obtain it there, you have to come back to your country and make the arrangements.

Foreign people who want to travel to Spain to work, study or reside will be required to have it. You have to meet the specific requirements for the type of Visa you need. If you think, you can get the Visa for student after staying as a tourist; you must know that it is not possible. The Visa can be solicited only in your country, in the consulate of Spain, so you have to make the arrangement in advance. †

Of course, there are more †things you have to know about moving to Spain. We have intended here to give you basic information about this subject. If you want to read more info about Spain, we invite you to visit other sections in our guide.

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