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Phones in Spain

In order to make international calls, you have to use the prefix 0034 if you wish to call someone in Spain. If you want to call from Spain abroad you need to dial the number 00 and then dial the prefix of your country. Spanish telephone numbers consist of 9 digits. Earlier inter-city call prefixes are integral parts of current numbers, however, these call prefixes are not referred at some older brochures and guides so you need to complete them yourself. The Inter-city prefixes are: for Madrid is 91, for Barcelona 93, for Seville 95, for Valencia 96 (some prefixes may have 3 digits).

Spanish phone cards

Spanish calling network is of good quality. You can find phone boxes on each step. Each public phone box serves for local calls, inter-city calls and calling abroad at the same time. You can use coins or phone cards (operated by various telephone companies) for calling. However, using cards is evidently cheaper than using coins. Such cards are not inserted into phone boxes. A numbers and a PIN code, which need to be ticked off, is stated on each along with instructions on how and when to use it. The cards are usually valid from 45 to 90 days and their prices range from € 6 to € 15.
Sometimes happen that a card does not work, but it goes just about an exception. It could be caused by a line overloading. You can use the cards for calling from house lines, phone boxes, "locutorios" (public call-rooms used for calls to domestic lines or abroad, to house lines as well as to mobile phones; a price of such call is commonly displayed in your phone-cabin during your call and it is charged in the end) or mobile phones. The cards can be bought in the locutorios, kiosks, post office (correo), stationaries or other places. Rates of international calls are cheaper frommidnight to 8 am as well as during weekends.

Mobile phones work well without any problems in Spain. Calling is cheaper after 6 pm and during weekends. Spanish mobile phones are compatible with Europe mobile phones, however these do not serve to calls to Japan or USA.

Telefonica - a state company dominates to the Spanish calling network.

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