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Media in Spain

Spain is a democratic nation having one of the most important economies in the world. However, the democracy in Spain is a recently political system that was introduced in the mid 1970. The country used to be under the control of the dictator Francisco Franco, and Spain’s mass media companies were oppressed for a long time.Currently, Spain is a powerful country with a solid government system and it has one of the most serious and respected mass media corporations around the world.

Although, there are plenty of newspapers in Spain, the majority of Spanish people watch television and listen to the radio to be updated with the currently news. This is not because Spaniards are completely indifferent about culture, but because the principal newspapers of the country are a little bit expensive. Nevertheless, there are some Spanish people who choose the print media as a principal source of information nowadays.

Newspapers in Spain

Here is a list of most important newspapers in Spain:

El Pais

El País is the most important newspaper in Spain. It was founded in 1976 after the General Franco’s death. El Pais has national and international editions.


The ABC newspaper was founded in 1903 but it became popular in 1905. During the dictatorial regime of Franco, the newspaper was taken over in order to support the monarchy during the civil war. Now it is an independent newspaper.

El Mundo

Located in Madrid, El Mundo is the third most important newspaper in Spain and it’s a popular alternative that provides solid points of view that criticize the socialist government and support the popular party. El Mundo was founded in 1989.

La Vanguardia

This newspaper is quite conservative and it was founded in 1881. It was also under the control of Francisco Franco. However, after the General Franco’s Death, the newspaper became very popular.

El Periodico de Catalunya

El Periodico de Catalunya is the most popular newspaper in Barcelona and the fifth favorite around the country. It was founded in 1978 and it has two editions: one is printed in Spanish and the other one is printed in Catalan.

Radio in Spain

There are a lot of radio stations in Spain, and the majority of them work without a license. Some of the most important radio networks in Spain are the Cadena Ser and the M80.

Television in Spain

There were six different types of television formats in Spain: Satellite Television, Cable Television, Analogue Television, Internet Television and Mobile Television. However, the things have changed a little bit and Spanish people have begun to broadcast DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television.)

The most important broadcast of Radio and Television in Spain is the Radio Televisión Española (RTVE). Nevertheless, there are other big companies in the country that are offering the same service. We can mention Cuatro, La Sexta, Antena 3 and Telecinco. Although the broadcast company Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) is a private one, it has been financed with public funds since 2009 due to a political decision.

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