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The Internet in Spain

In 1999, ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology entered Spain.
Broadband arrival was a bit late compared to that in some other European countries and it was quite expensive. 1 MB cost approximately 44 EUR monthly and that price was held for a long time. However, the situation got better and nowadays, rates have been falling down. Connection speed is influenced by the state of landlines owned by Telefonica (a monopole state telecommunication company). Nevertheless, the lines have been eventually replaced which enable the rising of speed from 4 to 8 MG in some areas. The Internet has shown great progress recently and its providers are reliable companies mostly.

The broadband service provides telephone calls within Spain for free.

If telephone lines are not accessible for you (mostly inland) you can use the Internet via many satellites. Satellite connection will allow you make telephone calls too.

Cable connection is a good alternative to ADSL; however, it is available only in a few areas.

Internet service providers in Spain

The main national Internet service providers are:
  • Telefónica Group – a monopole state telecommunication company (the largest in the market, however far to be best).
  • Arrakis – provides connection to British Telecom (BT), one of the best providers.
  • Direct Telecom (provides low-cost calls, ADSL, 3G and Internet).
  • Vodafone – provides ADSL and mobile calls.
  • (started by Jazztel, later bought by Orange – a telecommunication company).
  • Orange – the eighth largest telecommunication operator in the world, it is owned by French Télécom.
  • Tele2 - a major European telecommunications operator.
  • Jazztel – Spain's first Internet service provider in Spain (provides ADSL2+ accross the country.
  • Ono – the first cable Internet/telephone and TV provider in Spain.

It is impossible not to mention a phenomenon of the last years, that is: Voice over Internet Protocol, which is popular in the country. This service enables you to call worldwide for free or for very cheap rates. The providers of the service are, for example, Skype and Vonage.

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