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Communications in Spain

Post offices in Spain

Post offices in Spain are known as “Correo,”and are often found around the city centres. They’re usually open Mondays to Saturdays from 8 am to noon and from 5 pm to 7.30 pm. They generally don’t work on Sundays. However, in large citieslarge post offices operate at noon as well. Normally there’s only one post office in towns and villages. Stamps are known as “sellos,” and can be bought in post offices, tobacconists (brown and yellow labelled), hotel receptions, and sometimes in stands selling postcards. A 0.65 EUR stamp needs to be used for both a postcard and a letter when posting to European countries and a 0.80 EUR stamp when sending to outside of Europe.

Stamps are mostly of cylindrical shape and yellow coloured. Some of themare available without a nominal value Such stamps are valid but since they are handled by a private international company (not by the post office), you need to insert them into specially assigned post boxes placed in shops and hotel receptions, where you can buy the stamps as well.

Public phones in Spain

Public phones in Spain

Work reliably well, and you can find them on streets or in many bars. They include instructions of use in English besides Spanish and/or Catalonian. In Spain call-shops are known as “locutorios,” and they are very convenient to make cheap national and international phone calls; to landlines or mobile phones. There are many of these in the cities of Spain, most cabins provide instructions in several languages and diallingcodes of overseas and Spanish locations.

Cellular Service for Spain

Is based on the GSM technology utilizing 900 and 1800 MHz networks for mobile phones. All European cell phones are compatible for use in Spain but cellular phones from Japan or the United State are often not. Before you leave for your holiday, contact your phone provider and ask if your cell phone has the 900 and 1800 bands and if it is unlocked," meaning, able to use another SIM card.


Is one of the best communication facilities when you like to keep in touch with your home-folks. You can send your e-mails from your hotel or numerous internet cafes (“cibercafes”) or call-shops.

Emergency numbers in Spain

  • 112 – Ageneral emergency telephone number valid 24 hours 7 days a week! It’s important to remember this number whenever in Spain. Any emergency case can be announced there, and the line is available in many languages.
  • 061 – Ambulance
  • 062 – Guardia Civil (Civil Guard)
  • 080 – Bomberos (fire fighters)
  • 091 – PoliciaNacional (National Police)


    Phones in Spain Email in Spain
    Phones in Spain
    To make phone calls from Spain, dial the prefix 00 + the country code + the number.
    Email in Spain
    You can sign up for a free-of-charge internet e-mail account.
    The internet in Spain Media in Spain
    The internet in Spain
    1 MB cost approximately 44 EUR monthly and that price was held for a long time.
    Media in Spain
    Modern technology allowed the Madrid-based nationals to launch regional editions.

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