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Weather in Málaga

Knowing about the climate of the city that we are going to visit is really important. Getting this information can help us to plan our trip. Nowadays, recollecting information about the weather is really easy with the use of Internet (See the weather forecast's website below). If we are traveling to Malaga, we have to know that most days are sunny in this city.

The weather in Malaga is considered as one of the hottest along with the Costa del Sol. The mountains that surround Malaga keep the weather at mild temperatures; that is why the average temperature is 22°C. Summers in this city are dry and hot with excellent beach weather. Winters are mild, and springs are warm. Depending on the activities that you plan to do in Malaga, you can choose the best time to visit it.

The following list consists of some useful weather forecast's websites:
  • The Weather Chanel - Malaga, Spain Weather
  • BBC Weather– Malaga 5 Day forecast
  • Spain Weather– Weather forecast in Malaga

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