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Malaga, a beautiful city located in a blessed area, is famous for its amazing beaches, but it has also other extraordinary attractions to explore. You can enjoy appreciating its architectural treasures, festivals, art, and much more. If you are going to visit this city, you have to plan your trip in advance and search for information about the wide-range of places this city offers.

Travelers have a good time from just walking the streets to visiting historic buildings in Malaga. We can't forget to mention the warm people of Malaga (Malagueños), who are really friendly. You will meet them at restaurants, pubs, etc. The food in Malaga is extremely delicious, so people visiting the city cannot miss-out on the taste oftypical food. Explore Malaga is to learn more about its culture to really appreciate it, in the different attractions of the city.

In this section, we will talk about important historical buildings such as the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro; places to appreciate art, such as the Picasso museum on San Agustin; and places like the most important tropical garden in Spain, "La Concepcion and Retiro".


The Alcazaba has been built on tests of a roman fortress and was expanded and completed in the 14th century by the Nasrides, although much of it was built around the middle of the 11th century.
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Visitors who eat out in Malaga will always enjoy of a pleasing experience offered by restaurants in the city. The following restaurants have prices over 60 Euros.
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La Concepcion is the most beautiful and important tropical garden in Spain and one of the best in all Europe. Created 150 years ago by the Marquess of Loring.
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