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Eating in Málaga

When we are visiting a city, one of the things we hope for, is to be delighted by its delicious food. It is for sure that Malaga cuisine will surprise and delight us all. Having received Roman and Greek influence in the ingredients and cooking style, the cuisine of Malaga is varied and offers to visitors traditional and innovative dishes.

Malaga's cuisine includes an extraordinary variety of fish-based dishes. The "pescadito frito", a famous dish in Spain, fascinates most travelers. Seafood also includes lobster and baby squids. In addition to its excellent dishes, Malaga is famous for its sweet varieties of wine. It owns some of the best vineyards on the coast. Wines are mainly made from the grapes of La Axarquía and Antequera.

The local dishes of Malaga include:
  • "Sopacampera" – a potato-based soup
  • "Habas a la rondeña" –Ronda style broad beans
  • "Patatas en ajopelo" – a potato dish
  • "Gazpacho"– a cold soup with tomatoes, green pepper, and cucumber, among others
  • "Sopa de Ajos" – a garlic soup
  • "Espetos de Sardinas"–sardines roasted on spits and barbecued
  • "Revuelto de Esparragos"–an omelet of asparagus, eggs, and garlic, among others.
These are just some examples of the wide-range of exquisite dishes Malaga offers. Of course, there are nice restaurants and cafes where you can try the delicious food and drinks. We invite you to read the following sections:
  • Inexpensive restaurants
  • Moderate to expensive restaurants
  • Bars and cafés
There are many good restaurants where people can eat good foodat cheap prices in Malaga. In this section, we present you some of them.
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Visitors who eat out in Malaga will always enjoy of a pleasing experience offered by restaurants in the city. The following restaurants have prices over 60 Euros.
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In this section,we list the most popular bars and cafes in the charming city of Malaga.
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