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Arriving to Málaga

Once you have decided to travel to Malaga, you have to decide how to get there. Here we present the alternatives you have:

By Air

Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport, also known as Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport. It is one of the busiest airports in Spain. It has become an important airport for tourism in Spain. It is located five kilometer snorth of Torre molinos and eight kilometers southwest of Malaga. As an important airport, it has flight connections to many countries around the world. It is the main international airport for the Costa del Sol and receives millions of passengers annually.
Address: Avenida García Morato s/n, 29004 –Malaga
Telephone: 902 404 704

By Road

Toaccess Malaga fromthe north take the A-45 motorway (from Antequera to Malaga). It links with the A-92 motorway, which crosses the region of Andalusia. Another motorway accessing Malaga is the A-45; through the district of "Ciudad Jardín", from where people go to the center of the city.

The A-357 motorway arrives to "ParqueTecnológico de Andalucía" (Andalusian Technology Park - PTA).Another motorway that allows people to access the city from anywherealong the coast is the A-7 or the "Autovía del Mediterraneo" which runs from Nerja to Algeciras in the province of Cadiz.

By Boat

The Port

"Malaga Harbour", is the port nestled in a natural bay. Nowadays, it is one of the most important ports for tourist cruise ships in the peninsula of Spain. Important liners such as the Queen Mary II visit this port. Constructions such as the Vessel terminal will improve this service.

Main Customs Office:

Address: Manuel AgustínHeredía Av., 1. 29001 - Málaga
Telephone: 952 061 400

By train

Malaga railway station is an important arrival and departure point of the city. People planning to travel to Malaga have to take into consideration this option. It has a central location and good communication with other types of transport such as train services going to the airport. It is one of the most important communication points with other provinces in the region of Andalusia, the rest of Spain and Europe.

Address: Explanada de la Estación, s/n. 29002. Málaga
Telephone: 902 24 02 02
Distance from airport: 9 km
Distance from port: 2 km

By Bus

It has a central location that makes it easy to transfer to other types of transportation. It is on the airport bus route, as well as next to the train station. Bus service is very useful to move around the province, not only to get to Malaga. Companies operating in the bus station offer routes inside Malaga, Andalusia and other cities of Spain.

Address: Paseo de los Tilos s/n. C.P. 29006 – Malaga
Central switchboard: 952 35 00 61a

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