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Expensive Restaurants in Malaga

Visitors who eat out in Malaga will always enjoy of a pleasing experience offered by restaurants in the city. The following restaurants have prices over 60 Euros.

  • Café de Paris

    Address:Vélez Málaga St., 8, Malaga
    Phone: 952225043

    This restaurant is located right next to the center of "Plaza de Toros". This is a fantastic option for a fine dining experience. Considered as one of the best restaurants in Malaga, it has been run by a family for many years. The regularly changed menus, seafood, delicious desserts and fine winesare just some examples of what this wonderful place has to offer.

  • El Chinitas

    Address:Calle Moreno Monroy 4, Malaga, Spain
    Phone: 952 210972

    "El Chinitas" restaurant offers more than enjoying a good meal. Its name is related to the famous dinner theatre of the Malaga of the 14th century called "El Chinitas". The dishes include fresh fishes, good meat, etc. Visitors can taste typical food such as "frituramalagueña" and "croquetascaseras".

  • Escuela de Hostería – Restaurant La Cónsula

    Address: Finca La Cónsula, Churriana, Around Town
    Phone: 952436026
    This restaurant is part of an excellent catering school, where some of the best chefs in Malaga have received training. The Mediterranean and Andalusian food offered in this restaurant will delight the most discerning palates.

  • Clandestino

    Address: Calle Niño de Guevara 3, Malaga, Spain
    Phone: 952 219390

    This is a nice restaurant where visitors can enjoy of a good lunch or dinner. The have a friendly staff and a great service. It offers creative dishes and a varied menu that fuses Latin and northern European cuisines. It is part restaurant, part cafe and bar. The interesting selection of delicious vegetarian options delights visitors.

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