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Madrid Taxis

Taxis service operates all day and night. They can take you to a lot of destinations, and not only to the city center. In general, all taxis are differentiated from other cars by its diagonal red line and green light. You can flag them down in the street or go to the cabstands where gentle taxi drivers will take you anywhere. There is also a service which allows you to order them by phone.

Furthermore, these taxis are very comfortable because they are designed to carry four passengers with their luggage. Regarding to taxi service's fares, they are displayed inside each taxi (public holidays, night service, airport service.) In addition to this, taxi drivers charge their tariff based on the taximeter that registers the fare according to the length of journey.

For further information about cabstands, taxi prices or any other details, you can contact the following round-the-clock services: Tele Taxi (902 501 130) and Radio Telifono-Taxi(902 478 200).

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