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Metro Madrid

Being one of the fastest metro systems in the world, the Metro system in Madrid daily transports more than 3.5 million Madrileans. This metro can be only compared with the Seoul Metro. Almost 92% of the Madrid metro runs over the city and its 13 lines have distinctive colors. In 2007, this metro was expanded 283 kilometers to reach several localities. Today, it has 316 stations that provide an efficient service at affordable prices.

This medium of transportation operates from 06:00 until 02:00 and there you can get tickets from 1 (individual ticket) and a package 6.15 (ten tickets). We recommend you to have a map of the metro stations in case you need it. You can buy your tickets within metro installations or kiosks.

Even though it can be full at rush hours, it is really worthy to use this service. Since it is efficient, comfortable, and clean, this metro is the best choice for your daily journeys. Finally, there is a train every 5 minutes; therefore, you do not have to wait too long for the next train to come.

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