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Madrid Buses

Buses are one of the safest methods of transportation in Madrid. Bus fares are the same as the Metro fares. Bus tickets can be used for metro transportation. This service covers the entire city; therefore you can get to any place you like. It is also important to know which bus route to take. If you have some doubts about it, then you should buy a map and read it carefully before taking a bus.

Buses in Madrid operate from 06:00am until 11:45pm and you can take them at the designed bus stops which are marked with a sign. There are also special lines that run through the main streets of Madrid. If you want to visit Madrid at night, then we recommend you to take the "buhos" (owls). This service operates from 23:45pm until 05:30am and covers almost all Madrid districts. They are differentiated from other services because it has the letter "N" before the route number.

In 2008 approximately 426 million Madrilenians were transported by this service; nowadays, this service is going through a continuing improvement process. There are more than 2,000 buses that cover metropolitan areas and city centers of Madrid.

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