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Food and drink

  • Nonsolocaffe

    Address: 52 Rios Rosas Street, Madrid (Rio Rosas and Nuevos Ministerios Metro)
    Phone: +34 915 336 108 Website:
    Nonsolocafee serves Italian food. The most outstanding characteristic of this restaurant is that it counts with four spaces; each one has different characteristics and serves different products. “IL Loounge-Bar”, “IL Corridoio”, “IL Salottino” and “La terraza”. This restaurant opens every day.

  • Nina Madrid

    Address: 10 Manuel Malasaña Street, 28004 Madrid (Bilbao or San Bernardo Metro)
    Phone: +34 915 910 046 Mail:
    This restaurant has an informal environment due to its simple but beautiful decoration. Its dishes have Mediterranean influence. They also have brunch service on the weekends from 12:30pm to 5:30pm. The restaurant service is from Monday to Saturday from 1:30 to 4:30pm and from 8:30am to 12:30am, except for Fridays and Saturdays that is until 1am.

  • El Vergel

    Address: 53 Paseo de la Florida, Madrid (Principe Rio Metro)
    Phone: +34 915 471 952 Website:
    The Vergel is a vegetarian restaurant. In this restaurant the most important thing is the client’s health. Next to the restaurant there is "El Vergel Supermarket" where you can buy natural products. It is opened everyday from 1pm to 6pm and from 8 to 11pm, except for Friday and Saturday that closes at 12 am.

  • Bokado

    Address: 2 Juan de Herrera Avenue, 28040 Madrid (Del Traje museum)
    Phone: +34 915 490 041 Website:
    The Bokado restaurant is part of the Bokado group. This group has several years of experience in the food business. They serve all kind of the most delicious food and drinks.

  • Galette II

    Address: Bárbara de Braganza, 10 - 28004 Madrid
    Phone: +34 913 058 413 Website:
    In Galette II you will find excellent food and a romantic environment. The food is very delicious and many dishes are innovative. You will find traditional dishes as well as new ones.

  • DiverXo

    Address: 28 Pensamiento Street, 28020 Madrid (Tetuan Metro)
    Phone: +34 915 707 766 Website:
    DiverXo is a young restaurant where the food is a fusion between Chinese, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Lunch is from 2pm to 3:30pm, and dinner is from 9pm to 11:30pm.

  • Centro Cubano de España

    Address: 41 Claudio Coello Street first floor, 28001 Madrid (Serrano Metro)
    Phone: +34 915 758 279 Website:
    It is the oldest Cuban restaurant in all Europe. There you can try the most typical Cuban meals, desserts or drinks as “Ropa Vieja” or the famous “Mojito.”

  • Tres Encinas

    Address: 33 Preciados Street, 28013 Madrid (75, 147 and148 Busses)
    Phone: +34 915 212 207 Website:
    This restaurant is located in the centre of the city, it specializes in seafood but it also offers dishes with meat. Beside the service room, it also has a bar and a celebration room. It is open every day from 1pm to 12:00am.

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