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Summer in Madrid

Since Madrid has a continental Mediterranean climate, winters and summers tend to be dry seasons. Summer temperatures range from 30 °C (86 °F) to 40 °C (104 °F). In August, most Madrilenians go on holidays to the mountains or the beaches; therefore, it becomes a quiet city where ¾ businesses are closed until September. However, if you are traveling to Madrid to make some tourism, you will definitely find bistros, and open cafeterias.

If you travel to Madrid in summer time, then make sure that your hotel room is equipped with air-conditioning. Since Madrid has excessively high temperatures, nights could turn into nightmare if you don't have an air conditioner installed in your room. Likewise, we recommend you to wear glasses, short clothes, sun-block, gaps and a pair of sandals to avoid sunburns.

If you are looking for a peaceful and great place to have a lunch or a dinner, then we recommend you to visit the Hotel Urban, Faisandé Santo Mauro, El Jardín de Orfila and La Terraza del Casino. These establishments have spacious terraces, beautiful gardens and splendid views of the city.

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