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Shopping in Madrid

Shopping in Madrid is amazing, Madrid is considered as a huge shopping centre due to its many and outstanding department stores, markets, shops and malls. In this city, you can find many stores that sell almost everything that you can imagine. In Madrid, you can find almost all type of places to buy, from well recognized and expensive designers’ houses to street markets or fairs. The prices obviously depend on the places where you go. For example, Salamanca and Goya are probably the most expensive luxury shops in the city. There are many boutiques, jewellers and stores from famous designers.

If you want to go to good shops but not as expensive as those mentioned above, you can go to the Calle Orense in the Castellan area; it has lots of financial businesses but it also has several stores and beautiful cafes. Other places where you can find affordable stores are the Preciados, Gran Via and Puerta Del Sol where you can find shops of all kinds, from department stores to souvenir stores.

But if you do not like to go to big department stores or shopping centres and you prefer smaller stores, you can go to Chueca district; it has small but very beautiful and attractive stores. In shopping in Madrid, they have music and innovative ideas which really get the attention of the customer who enjoys to shop there. In this place, you can find stores of clothes, shoes, tattoos, piercing, beauty salons and craft stores.

In Shopping in Madrid if you enjoy buying antiques, second hand products or curious objects, you can go to El Rastro, it is a street market where you can buy objects of these kinds. It starts at Plaza Carrrasco and goes on until you reach a part of Ribera de Curtidores Street. Vendors only go the "El Rastro" on sunday mornings; so, if you go there another day, you will only find empty streets.


The opening hours depend on the type of shops. For example malls, shopping center and big stores are open from 10 am. to 8 or 9pm. On the other hand, small and traditional stores still have a break and siesta time; they usually open from 10 am. to 2 pm. and from 4:30 to 8:30 pm on Monday through Friday. Some may open on Saturdays but until two in the afternoon.

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