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Safety & Crime in Madrid

Although there are tight security measures in public and private places, pickpockets are always prowling around ATMs, banks, museums, coffee shops, restaurants, metro stations, etc. Furthermore, they prefer tourist crowded areas; therefore, it is better to look after your belongings. It is highly recommendable to photocopy all your ID documents, carry enough money for your everyday activities and store all your original documents and credit cards in a secure place.

We advise you to be aware of suspicious people standing next to you all the time at metro and buses, because usually there are many pickpockets and thieves in crowded areas. While you are using public transportation services, be beware of distractions, because thieves usually create them so they can take away your money and personal belongings. Thus, just carry enough money for your daily activities.

In case your documents or belongings have been stolen, report the theft by phone to the police instead of going to the police station. If you want to make a formal complaint, here we provide you with a phone number: (0034) 90 2102 112. You will save a lot of time if you do it by phone, because usually at the police station you have to wait hours on legal proceedings.

In order to create a strong bond between the U.S. Embassy and U.S. businesses, the OSAC Country Council is supported by the Regional Security Officer in Madrid. Call to the phone number: [34] (91) 587-2230 for further information. In case of emergency you should call "112" which is an emergency phone number that will contact the paramedics, the police and the firefighters.

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