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Gay & Lesbian Madrid

Madrid has a well-known gay spot where all bisexuals, lesbians and gays gather to enjoy their absolute freedom; that place is Chueca. This is the gay district of Madrid and it is located on the city center where you will find fashionable clubs, bars, among other places of interest. Whatever your sexual option is, Chueca is the right place to have a lot of fun.

Even though a few years ago this place was quite dangerous, today it enjoys a great multicultural diversity and cosmopolitan atmosphere. It offers a wide range of entertainment activities and fashionable places, especially at night. You can see celebrities, music shows, fashion trades and all kinds of business entertainment.

Furthermore, there is the "Gay Pride Festival" that is held in Chueca. This celebration is full of concerts and shows presented by the gay community. If you want more information about gay festivals, parades, shows and nightclubs; then you should write to this address to C. Carretas 12, 3-2a, 28012 Madrid or call to this phone number: 91/523-0070. There is also the Chueca website ( where you can find interesting information about all these activities..

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