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Madrid Entertainment

A wide range of interesting entertainment activities are offered by the city of Madrid. We recommend you to attend a classic flamenco show which is a Spanish cultural tradition. You will definitely enjoy the dancers' performance as well as the music style; this experience is really worth to see. Likewise, you can visit art galleries, museums, theaters, flamenco clubs, traditional restaurants, bullfights, etc.

On the other hand, in the hotel management sector Madrid has established itself as a centre of excellence with an international reputation. Near to La Puerta del Sol you can find Madrid's most famous restaurants, bars and cafes where you can taste ethnic flavors, special drinks and desserts. The Nightlife in Madrid is also very exciting; you will realize that there are a lot of bars and pubs.

Libertad 8 is a very popular and great cafe that offers entertainment shows such as storytelling and live music. If you are looking for a flamenco dance, then you should go to this address: Calle de los Cuchilleros à La Guitarra. A good spot for cheap food and drinks is the Cien Montaditos which is a bar specialized in serving beer; it is located in the Mayor Street.

For classic music lovers, we provide you with information about ballet, opera and recitals of classic music. For instance, the Teatro Real is a magnificent building where you can enjoy beautiful ballet performances and the opera of Madrid that presents international artists on stage. It is also recommendable to visit Los Jardines de Sabatini and Corralla where you can see a Zarzuela performance which is a Spanish classical operetta.

As we known, Spaniards are big fans of soccer. Therefore, if you happen to love soccer, you should visit the Vicente Calderón Stadium and the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. On the other hand, if you prefer other sport activities we recommend you to go to the Club de Campo. To sum up, a host of exciting entertainment activities is provided by this lively city. Thus, you should not miss Madrid's nightclubs, cafes, theaters, tascas and traditional restaurants.

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